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Around the world, the fashion products sector seeks to focus on some regions to manufacture and develop their products, the same format is also repeated in Brazil.
This concentration of companies in the same industry in a given region brings a number of benefits, and are called Zones de Manufacturers or Wholesalers.
In these regions, where CREBi.com will search its supply sources and create a logistics service to serve its 60,000 customers in Brazil and abroad, which are preferably wholesalers, stores and resales.
The work aims to present buyers to their products, mainly in the promotions and launches, as shown in the table below:

For each type of product, there is a trade and industry zone.

25 de Marco

The 25 de Marco Sreet in Sao Paulo, Brazil is considered the largest fashion jewelry and fashion accessory center in Brazil, where novelties are received every day. So, the right place is for you to find fashion accessories and costume jewelry.The 25 de Marco region shows a incredible variety of products and the elasticity of the prices. CREBi.com does this for you
At 25, in fact, much more than a street. It is the 21 streets of the region where there are more than three thousand enterprises, between companies, stores and services, with approximately 1,300 dedicated to fashion jewelry and accessories.

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Pólo Joalheiro de São Paulo ou PoloBarão

In the same way as 25 de Marco, specialized in bijoux and accessories, near the most central point of Sao Paulo is located the main commercial region of fine jewelry of Sao Paulo - gold and silver - (by the way, the largest in Brazil), Oor in other words, Polo Joalheiro de Sao Paulo, also known as Rua do Ouro or Rua Barao de Paranapiacaba, as simply CREBi.com calls it PoloBarao.
In approximately 300 linear meters, more than 300 jewelers, watchmakers and jewelry professionals are concentrated, a format used throughout the world, such as in New York, at 42nd Street in Manhattan, corner of 5th Avenue.
Although it also meets directly the consumer, the strength of this area is meet the consumer jeweler, comprised of retailers and resellers.

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Limeira Gold-plated Jewelry Pole

Limeira is the largest center for the production of gold-plated jewelry, raw materials, as well as parts for assembly, and services for the jewelry industry.
The data indicate 61% of all the production of jewelry and its inputs comes from the industries of Limeira. Today, Limeira has 400 manufacturers of veneer jewelry and supplies for jewelry.

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Rio Preto Fine Jewelry Pole

Sao Jose do Rio Preto, a city of more than 500 thousand inhabitants in the northwest of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil is characterized by being a large center of fine jewelry (gold and silver), constituting itself as the largest jewelry in the interior of Brazil with more than 160 industries and employing more than 4 thousand direct.
The innovation in gold pieces with stones is the great feature of this jeweler's center comparable to the best in the world.

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Guapore Pole

Guapore is a region located in the mountains of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil known for its race track and lingirie manufacturers, but mainly for being the 2nd most important pole of gold-plated jewelry.
Today, Guaporé brings together 120 manufacturers of gold-plated jewelry and silver jewelry.

Minas Gerais Gemstones Pole

In the center-east region of Minas Gerais in the quadrilateral formed between Teófilo Otoni and Governador Valadares is the largest center of Gems of Brazil.
About 600 miners, cutters and gem sellers are located in this region.