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  • SOLVED Biggest problem of selling by WEB of jewelry: disconnection between having the jewel in your hands or enjoying the jewelry online.

    The rent of jewelry is not exactly a new concept, but there are always exceptions of concept that aim to improve the concept rule.<

    The rent of jewelry is not exactly a new concept, but there are always exceptions of concept that aim to improve the concept rule.
    Exactly what a fine jewelry e-commerce site New York, Flont is doing allowing customers to rent and buy, but within new rules.
    Flont's guiding principle is "jewel as a service," a format widely used in computing.
    Cormac Kinney, a software inventor announced last Thursday that he completed a capital increase of $ 5 million, backed by several private investors. Most notable is Adrian Cheng of C Ventures, executive director of the world's largest Chinese retailer Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Group.
    There are three main ways a consumer can interact with Flont:
    1) Become members for $ 299 a month (for a minimum of three months) and receive unlimited rent of fine jewelry from the site, up to i value of $ 5,000 at the same time. Flont covers the cost of FedEx and insurance for one item per month or 12 items in total per year.
    2) Rent for four days for non-members looking for special occasions. Rental rates range from $ 129 to $ 379, depending on the retail value of an item.
    3) Consumers buy directly on the site, and if they are members, receive a discount.
    Kinney explained to National Jeweler site, why this site:
    "In the economy on demand, people want the short-term use of a product and pay for it as a service, such as ZipCar, AirBnB or Uber does. Over 17 years, I've seen how retail sales were tremendously impacted by the trade electronic, and this has been extended to fine jewelry, which is a high-touch sale. More and more people prefer to buy online, or over the phone, but the industry needs to bring jewelry to customers. and allow customers to "try to buy".
    More than 40 fine jewelry brands have been working in partnership with Flont so far, ranging from big names such as Chopard, Cartier, David Webb and Van Cleef & Arpels to independents like Temple St. Clair, Pamela Love, Sabine Getty, Deborah Pagani and Mimi So.
    However, the biggest success of this software is in solving the biggest problem of online jewelry sales: disconnection between the experience of having the jewel in hand and buying online to only see the jewel.
    This is undoubtedly the greatest incompatibility between fine jewelry and online shopping.
    By allowing consumers to try fine jewelry at home before buying and returning pieces for free, it is really an attempt to overcome the disconnect between having in hand and just seeing before the purchase.
    There is no doubt that the "ideal consumer experience would be: entering a beautiful store, choosing a variety of designs and, most importantly, holding the jewels in hand. This experience is essential for an expensive and personal purchase. jewelry, we have solved the most critical part of the online shopping process.
    Our clients can borrow what they want, and test it at work, at events or with their loved ones. Some customers use Flont as an unlimited jewelry box, and some use it to decide what they want to keep forever."
    CREBi.com Comments
    If you are interested in this business, have CREBi.com to help you with this system. In 1 month we put this system in the air. CREBi.com specializes in custom software for jewelry. We do not make standardized software, such as e-commerce.

    New smartwaches, a true cleaver for cutting the rope of watches

    Everyone who follows our reports knows that CREBi.com is a great driver of technology, including applied to jewelry.

    Everyone who follows our reports knows that CREBi.com is a great driver of technology, including applied to jewelry.
    One such technology is the smartwatch that already starts occupying 45% of the market (in some countries), leaving 50% for other watches and 5% for the brand. This is the expected division of the market by CREBi.com in its research and studies for the market of watches.
    Although in the world, smartwatches are in full growth, in Brazil these smart watches are jammed, just skid and do not leave the place.
    The reasons are diverse: bureaucracy (Anatel requires a watchmaker's seal to sell), assemblers block the sale (they need to first spawn their stock), and conservatism in the non-changeable sector. After all, the smartwatch finishes the profession of watchmaker.
    Thus, the marketing of smartwatch in Brazil is only possible in technology stores, but these offer numerous products and not just watches. So watches compete with other technology products. The ideal for smartwatch would be to compete with other watches, but this is only possible in watchmaking.
    See the product below: it's a smartwatch or a regular watch. The best answer would be two, but the correct one is a smartwatch.

    Do you have a great idea for a product? From the image above, it is noted that technology companies have changed the strategy and philosophy to compete with the design of watches common by appearance. There is no digital screen, as would be common. This solves a complaint from users: Users complained that smartwatch distracted a lot.
    But the purpose of smartwatch is not to distract, but to leave the user connected, without having to put his hand in his pocket or purse to remove and see the screen of his cell phone.
    Now, smartwatch, defines what your cell phone received for a simple beep. So an important notification is a beep, two beeps for some contacts, and three beeps, to remind you that it's time to move, that is, to jump from the chair, for example.
    In addition to the hours and notifications, a smartwatch has many features. Users need to understand about these features and for this you need to know their functions to choose which smart features you want to use, which can be changed at any time.
    For example, the buttons on the side do not rotate or set the time, but control the music or camera, or work as a tracker to find the lost smartphone and more.
    Other features include a silent alarm and GPS tracking.
    The most important thing is that you do all this without looking at the screen of the phone and you do the movement of the hands to indicate what you want to do.
    If you were hesitant to buy a smartwatch, you now have everything to convince yourself of a good purchase.
    These features are cutting edge to cut the life of watches.

    Jewelry concepts in the form of tendencies promoted by JÁ

    JA - Jewelers of America, a kind of federation of the regional jewelry trade institutions that exist in the United States, similar to what in Brazil, the IBGM.

    JA - Jewelers of America, a kind of federation of the regional jewelry trade institutions that exist in the United States, similar to what in Brazil, the IBGM.
    Every year, JA presents the jewels of more than 100 brands at a press conference.
    CREBi.com has selected two concepts of possible trends that range from the pure bias to the intense brightness that matters to our market.
    Brazil has lost the export history tram, or rather, in the competition with other countries, especially in price. In this particular, we have no competitiveness. None at all. With current labor laws (maybe they change, but it's still an issue.
    There will be a lot of real-world law until the Law gets caught, if it gets), with bureaucracy, with corrupt structure, with high taxes. impracticable to compete. The only way to compete is through with innovation and design, at this point, the price of the product is no longer fundamental. A & iacute; we have a chance to compete.
    For this, need to know the market trends as soon as they emerge and enter CREBi.com to help.
    But Brazil needs to change. If you do not change, there is no way. Lose & your industry.
    Color of gems
    An extra concept of jewels presented by JA & the color of the gems, which is an important focus in this catenary of the JA.
    The image shows this concept with an central opal:

    Colored Gems & a specialty of Brazil. Let's make a report on this.
    Jewelery on the move
    One of the percussors with jewels in movement is undoubtedly the Brazilian designer Yael Sonia, who lives in New York, a true specialist in jewelry of perpéo movement. & Eacute; a type of jewelry that makes a living when it is in motion. It functions as a relay when in motion, is the most beautiful.
    Necklaces, earrings and rings, all play with the movement of your wearer and express the beauty of the stones.

    10 revolutionary trends in jewelry for 2018 emanated from JIS. the Latin American Jewelry fair in Florida, USA

    JIS is a Florida-style jewelry fair dedicated primarily to retailers in Latin American countries that have been in existence for over 35 years.

    JIS is a Florida-style jewelry fair dedicated primarily to retailers in Latin American countries that have been in existence for over 35 years. In this fair, several Brazilian companies participate, such as Creative Brazil, MGOLD. Byzance, Safyia Stones (HTL Trading), Julio Okubo among others.
    The major brands of gold jewelery exporters who participated in this fair in previous years, such as Vianna, Brunner, CRBrunner, Denoir, Manoel Bernardes, etc., abandoned it because it became a fair of fine fashion jewelry, scope of these manufacturers, for now or at the moment.
    After promoter Reed Fairs, who promotes JCK Las Vegas, bought JIS and owed a new sense to JIS, which for CREBi.com was a correct move. Now, Reed promotes JCK Las Vegas for fine jewelry, and JIS Florida for fashion jewelry in 4 annual versions in the United States.
    Today, gold jewelery makers need to understand what is happening in the market: gold jewelery has become a small niche (though still worth 55/65% and not more than 10% by volume), but the main market is intended for fashion jewelry (costume jewelry and gold-plated jewelry) attached to other fashion accessories that allow the woman to express the desired look.
    Reed Fairs, owner of JCK, known as Authority Industry, understood this, therefore, the change. That's why Brazilian gold jewelry makers need to get out of the limbo they've gotten themselves into and create trendy jewelry lines if they are to survive in the next 10 years. At least, the personnel of Minas headed by Manoel Bernardes already understood this, given the turn given in the Trends Minas fair this month, according to our report.
    CREBi.com has seen this since 2010, when it established a business of importing fashion jewelry, as the gold jewelry market only tends to get tighter, that is, a niche.
    The October JIS in Fort Lauderdale (now the new JIS home) echoes what CREBi.com has expressed above.
    This trend report based on the editor report of JCK, Mark Smelzer, which points out a handful of styles that are expected to emerge in 2018.
    These styles are the new challenges for jewelry designers, especially gold, and denote how the world of jewelry is in transition.
    That is why we are always issuing reports for gold jewelry manufacturers to change their concepts. Tradition and timelessness no longer serve the current market, they have lost part of their value, although it should remain.
    The new trends reflect what we are referring to:
    The Coco Chanel pearls are back with several strings. A good opportunity for Júlio Okubo, the pearl specialist. The concept of layers now firm in pearls.

    Plastic necklaces
    Prada's plastic necklaces have solidified a whimsical and fun trend as it evolves. New material is what proposes the best fair in the world (in our view), to VicenzaOro. Plastics (the Italian Prada knows this), aluminum, and even garbage is what tells the talented Brazilian international designer, Silvia Furmanovich.

    Tribal jewelery
    The decorative and oversized jewels show the tribal traditions created for millennia. Brazil has much to explore. Attention, personnel of Belem (Para-Brazil) has arrived its turn.

    Earrings chains
    Adored by celebrities in red carpets, it's no surprise, but it always captivates a flattering look. Rocking earrings have always been attractive. A good opportunity for chain manufacturers to increase their sales.

    The Cameos that came from Medieval Europe, has become a street style and fashion. If there is a style adored by the CREBi.com team is there: the cameos.

    Printed and Enamelled
    Printed and enamelled jewelry are currently a style highlighted by the color and type of illustration. If you are an innovator, take the time to show off your qualities by creating new prints. Or offer personalities prints.

    Vintage inspiration represents the romance and femininity inherent in the vintage jewels that dominated the Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian eras. Vamp women over 40 love this style.

    Button Maxi Earrings
    The button's maxi earrings have returned because of the stubbornness of younger jewelry lovers. This style came to stay. Known as the number one enemy of the stylists, because the maxi draws from the brilliance of a card and shifting its gaze to the accessory.

    The brooch has resurfaced thanks to younger consumers love to tie brooches on their jeans jackets. Madeleine Albright (former US secretary of state), the queen of brooches, one for each day as food for her spirit and soul, just as young people are doing today.

    Women's Strengths
    Women are worshiping pieces that reflect the strength of a woman with the appearance of swords, shields, daggers and royal crest motifs. Before the man bought jewels for women, now with financial resources, they buy jewels for the man.

    CREBi.com Reviews
    After appreciating some almost "crazy" jewelry, we come to the conclusion that the market is changing dramatically and we need to change to stay on. In this time of permanent innovation, put your mind into action to have real success in your business. Count on CREBi.com to help you with this trail.




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