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Advertising on and its actions

For 15 years, is offering a series of services for the benefit of the jewelry community, mainly in the area of transmission of new information and technologies, through its website, newsletters, events, etc.
In this period, some users have always asked how they could include their own advertising on the website. This fact is indicative of the importance and strength of CREBi, with the community.
In fact, by using a third-party information search system, refrained from self-remuneration, as do Google, Microsoft and others in this area.
Now a new structure has been deployed on this year to meet advertising requests, including free and paid advertising.
As everyone knows, the content created by is totally free, can be used without the need of any authorization, on your website and leaflets or others, just quote the source. In addition, it offers several free advertising services, such as Supplier's Guide, Stores Guide, and the MarketPlace of Jewelry and Accessories. However, one part will be paid and will reach several countries as per distribution data by country.
Because knows its strength among its subscribers, it can offer paid advertising with guarantee of return of results that is included in contract. is mainly aimed at:
- Portuguese-speaking countries: 20,000, growing to more than 40,000
- Countries that speak the Spanish language: 6 thousand, expected to grow to 30 thousand
- several countries of English language or where it is used commercially: 45 thousand, devendingoccurring to 70 thousand.
In this way, reaches 140 million companies and professionals in jewelry worldwide.

Types of Advertising
We offer three types of advertising: