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Advertising on CREBi.com website

"Advertising is the best way to influence the decision of a consumer purchase.".

Initial Data

CREBi is making available on its website advertising space in banners format, for the first time after 12 years of activities in the jewelry industry, now extended to fashion accessories, since the jewelry product is the most important fashion accessory That someone can identify.
If your goal is to communicate with the industrial and commercial market of jewelry, gems, watches and the like, CREBi offers the most coverage.

Besides presenting the largest coverage in the jewelry industry in Brazil with 2 million monthly page views, it offers several advantages for advertisers, in this initial phase of implementation:
- Elaboration of banners at zero cost (fixed, animated gifs or flash);
- Banners displayed on pages in English and Spanish at no cost;
- 50% discount on the price list;
- Inclusion of advertisement (s) of your company's products in the Supplier's Guide and in the Guide of Shops and Purchases without cost; - Email campaigns or reports for your products;
- Survey of new business opportunities through our information system (advertisers are priority in receiving data).

Know the following basic information:

Public and Visits


According to reports of visits in December 2013, we have the following average data:
Number of daily recorded visits: 4,356
Average number of projected monthly visits: 120,550
Number of minutes per visitor: 10.1
Number of pageviews per visitor: 8,3
Number of pages visited monthly: 1,054,500
Origin of visits: 72% in Brazil and 28% outside Brazil.
The latest data collected indicates an average page view of more than 2 million monthly.

Newsletter JC Jeweler Cert

Portuguese version
Sent to over 19,000 subscribers, with the following current distribution of subscribers:
- Jewelry retailers8.200
- Jewelry industry (including costume jewelry and gold-plated jewelry)1.800
- Jewelry Designers   800
- Jewelry Professionals 6.000
- Jewelry retailers   720
- Jewelry industry(including costume jewelry and gold-plated jewelry)   940
- Jewelery Professionals   510
Angola/Others   430

Version in English and Spanish
We started the project of expansion of newsletters for English and Spanish versions, where it aims to reach the sending of another 80,000 newsletters, 65 thousand in English and 15 thousand in Spanish, with the following distribution:
English version
USA/Canada   36.000
Europe   12.500England with 6000. Italy with 3000, Germany with 1000, Belgium / Holland with 1000, and others with 1000
Africa       750Sourh Africa with 750 South Africa and others with 600
Oceania    1.000Australia an New Zeland
Gulf Region    1.000Turkey with 700 and others with 300
EEC    3.000Russia with 1500 and others with
Asia  11.000India with 3,500, Japan with 3000, China with 2000, Thailand with 1000 and others with 1000
Spanish Version
Espanha  10.000
Argentina      800
México   1.100
Spanish USA      500
Other countries   2.000 2,000 Other Latin American countries

Price Table

Site CREBi.com

Four standard types of sponsorship links:

a) Banner Top 728 x 90px
Banner always positioned at the top of every page of the site.

PeriodNumber of ViewsValue R$
1 month =>1.000.000US $ 305.00 (200% discount)

b) Banner Footer 468 x 60px
Banner positioned in the footer or offered between reports in the internal area.

PeriodNumber of ViewsValue R$
1 month =>500.000US $ 152.00 (200% discount)

c) Lateral Banner 250 x 250px
Banner positioned in the column to the right of the site

PeriodNumber of ViewsValue R$
1 month =>500.000US $ 152.00 (200% discount)

d) Buttons 120 x 60
2 Buttons always positioned at the top to the right and the left of the site.

Period Number of Views Valor R$ Note
1 month =>1.000.000US $ 66.00 (200% discount)per button

Suppliers Guide and Store Locator Guide

For Guide types, two standard types of sponsorship links:

a) Banner Top 728 x 90
Banner always positioned at the top of every page of the site.

PeriodNumber of ViewsValue R$
1 month =>500.000US $ 152.00 (200% discount)
=> 250.000US $ 83.00 (50% discount)
<= 150.000US $ 0.00 (no amount to be paid)
3 months US $ 305.00 (1st month free)

b) Banner 468 x 60px
This mode is offered by banners placed in the body of a search always in the first positions.

PeriodNumber of ViewsValue R$
1 month =>150.000US $ 58.00 (200% discount)
3 monthsUS $ 105.00 (1st month free)

c) Banner Lateral 468 x 60px
This mode is offered exclusively in the Store Locator Guide and positioned to the right on all pages.

PeriodNumber of ViewsValue R$
1 month =>350.000US $ 109,00 (200% discount)
3 monthsUS $ 212.00 (1st month free)

Advertising for newsletters
Newsletter Jeweler Cert - Portuguese version

Advertising for the newsletters will be It's coming soon.

NOTE: We can also study other types of advertising and banners according to the specific needs of each client.


An announcement within the CREBi website content and Jeweler Cert newsletter as Suppliers and Store Locator Guides offers a service of high interest to the jeweler industry, reinforces the advertiser's message, builds its brand affirmation and encourages the purchase of their products.
Banner ads campaigns provide a simple way at a low cost to increase your brand visibility, perfect for launching new products and promoting events.
The newsletter and website influences the way opinions are written. Sent to a selected list of companies and professionals. All registrations are visible to every visit.
This interactive webpage delivers your advertising message in a context where it will be view.
The companies will have a highly favorable cost-benefit, sponsoring both the guides and the newsletter, as well as the website dedicated to the fashion and jewelry community, which offers a number of free services for the development Of this sector.
If your goal is to communicate with the industrial and commercial market of jewels, gems, relays and the like, CREBi.com and Jeweler Cert offer the greatest coverage, both in Brazil and in other latin countries.
And now, this coverage has been extended to consumers through the Shopping Guide, the only and the largest in the Internet sector in Portuguese language.