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Store 3.0 - A New Concept in Jewelry Store

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First, the new jewelry, version 3.0, was created based on technologies.
This release is the first project presented in beta worldwide, known as the Jewelry of the Future, which is expected to become a standard for new updates.
The new generation generation, known as Z Gen, born and created on the Internet, which begins to take place from the previous generation will be the next consumer of fashion jewelry and accessories, areas that are the scope of and will receive this model as recognition.
Within this vision, this project was elaborated, where were gathered diverse technologies and diverse concepts.
The work of was to gather and adapt these technologies for use in stores, specifically for jewelry, although it can be applied in any type of retail, in addition to the development of integration software of the various technologies.
Thus, the Shop for Jewelry and Accessories 3.0 is made up of several environments:

1. Catalogs
This environment is formed by several touch screen screens, where customers stroll through the store's products cataloged by categories with high quality images. In this way, the customer sees all products and chooses those who want more details.
2. Virtual Try On
At the same time as you page the catalog, the customer can still try the product. This environment is also formed by screens that allows you to see the products on the finger, the wrist, the ear, the neck, the hand, the eyes ... the client.
3. Create your Jewelry
This environment is also formed by screens, where the customer can create his jewelry, choosing various components such as styles, structures, rings, stones, adapted for various products such as rings, chains, bracelets, etc.
In fact, these 3 environments can be gathered in one environment or only one or more environments. 4. Display case
The showcase 3.0 shows products by running holographic images instead of exposing products themselves. The holographic images give the product greater attractiveness and pleasure, as well as allowing the presentation of various products.
5. Exhibitors of Fashion and Fine Jewelry and Accessories (watches, glasses, handbags, etc.)
Instead of closed displays, as is the standard practice in jewelers, the products can be shown in open displays, including gold, where customers can handle them more freely, choosing the ones desired.
All products are RFID-tagged, and can not be removed from the site without audible warning (if you exceed a half meter distance from the original position, an alert is issued). RFID tags are the best formula for controlling inventory.
In the Box, no typing is required.
7. Industry Sector
It is necessary to give the floor of the store such a pleasant climate that creates an environment conducive to the temptation to purchase. Thus, the Jewelry Store and Accessories 3.0 needs to attract all five human senses with the control of lighting, sound and aromas.
7. Industry Sector
In the new jewelry store, each store becomes a jewelry and accessory factory, where the customer chooses the jewelry (or takes the sketch or idea) to be manufactured on the day (in some cases) and / or to be developed. The manufacturing is done by 3D printers with metal injection, including gold. This operation can be used for other items. A battery of several 3D injectors allows the manufacturing of several orders simultaneously.
8. Security
Security can not be ignored in a jewelry store. Although the project follows previous models, details were added that offer greater security.
a) Cameras: Although it is the basic security item, the current camera that allows you to show only what has occurred or is happening, but the camera to be integrated into the system goes beyond, makes decisions based on the image being displayed, such as calling the police, trigger devices, warn suspicious behavior, and even immobilize by shocks. It's the camera with artificial intelligence.
b) Impact Sensor: Against glass breaking, one of the most common thefts.
c) WEB cameras, which in addition to security as traditional jewelry, serves to create videos to be offered to buyers on the history of the purchased jewelry.
d) Security jewelery: Each employee must have a security jewel that can be triggered, even in front of the attacker, sending an alert or distress alert to the neighbors, as well as local security and police, with the scene filming.
This pre-project is expected to be implemented shortly in retailers wishing to join this structure that will change the scenario of jewelry.
How much does it cost
The question that is asked now: how much does this project cost?
We can state in advance that the cost of implementation is lower than that of a traditional jewelry store, in addition to reducing operating costs and offering absolute control over services.
But this is a subject for another report.


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