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Number of stores that sell jewelry in Brazil already exceeds 40 thousand, according to survey

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A very common question in the middle of jewelry refers to the number of stores in Brazil that sell jewelry. did this research (an important service for its CREBi2b site) and came to the conclusion quite encouraging: 42,300 points of sale with the following classification distribution in the following form:
- Jewelery and/or Watch Shops selling fine jewelry and Swiss watches, mainly gold and high priced.
This category that is already a niche should reduce even more should not exceed more than 1,500 in all Brazil. In this category there are also jewelers of designs.
- Jewelers with popular concept, applicable for sale of alliances, gold graduation rings and silver jewelry, where the price is more affordable. This category has more than 3,500 stores throughout Brazil and tends to expand with the integration of the concepts of the new jewelery.
- Closed-door jewelery set up on floors of buildings. Approximately 1,800, being a large part of some manufacturers that sell directly to the consumer, in addition to the wholesale. Only in the center of São Paulo, there are more than 450.
- Watchmakers who also sell jewelry and glasses, but the essence as the name says is watches. A considerable portion is from service providers. Approximately 2,200.
- Bijoux Shops and Accessories with expressive participation of imported products. Our count lists more than 25,000 stores in this category. This count includes stores in buildings such as on March 25, Bom Retiro and Brás in São Paulo and other cities in Brazil.
- Bijoux stores and fine accessories installed in shopping malls and in shopping streets. There are approximately 1,500 stores in this category, many belonging to designers who dedicate more to veneers than gold jewelry due to the security problem.
- Diverse stores, mainly fashion and gifts, which also fashion jewelry. In addition to the large chains of fast fashion, many stores already have sales of jewelry in their offer, installed mainly in small cities. About 7,000 thousand are enumerated.
Only at and, you have access to more than 42 thousand buyers. Put your products on these sites for free and feel the result.
Reminder Important: In Brazil, no one has the marketing reach of the CREBi system when it comes to jewelry and accessories at the wholesale level.
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