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Apathy has taken over the jewelry industry and it is necessary to react

Enlarge Image in these 13 years interrupted activities is observing that since the middle of 2014 has fallen in the jewelry industry unparalleled apathy in the development of business.
Even the jeweler information area was hit. Virtually all previously existing sites have been paralyzed or not updated, the only exceptions being Infojoias (linked to IBGM) and (this small-scale operation, with monthly issuance of more than 20 reports, when the ideal would be 100) .
The question is what's happening with the jewelry channel?
No one wants to invest anything. In other words, apathy took over the industry and the crisis was stronger than expected.
There is only one solution: to react. The patient needs to get up and work. Home If this is not done, the bottom of the well will be the deepest and the difficulties will be greater.
Thus, is preparing the launch of B2B, both for the national market and for several countries around the world, starting with Argentina, Portugal and the United States, where we already have some structure.
We expect to include 500 sellers (manufacturers or importers) who offer their products to more than 30,000 buyers (stores and resellers) .
This was a project to be launched in 2010, but due to the great involvement with the importation, it was not possible to put it in operation, which now has become priority.
So we hope to help reverse the current crisis.


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