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How can help you grow your business on the Internet?

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We've put together the key issues that come up in our conversations with professionals, lectures, and reports that can help you grow through the products and information we offer. A lot of them totally free.

1 - How important is having a website? To understand the importance of having a website, we need to understand some numbers. Did you know that, according to research conducted in 2015 by the Center for Studies on Information Development (, there are about 32.3 million households in Brazil with Internet access? Therefore, being online means having the potential to reach more than 100 million Internet users.
Another Mintel survey of 2017 says that 67% of households are connected to the Internet in some way.
Today, provides a totally free website for companies that register in the Suppliers Guide and the Shops Guide, whose address can be referenced by the company to its customers.

2 - What form can I use to advertise my business on the Internet without having to invest in paid media?
In this case, the most indicated is the optimization for the searches: SEO.
Today, do our customers look for you where? On Google! If your site is not appearing in the searches, let's change that scenario and expand your network.
There are many free tools to analyze your website. See this article at
Today, the most prominent search sites are Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Another free form of disclosure that does not require a site is the Vendor Guides and the Stores Guide.
However, if you want to appear more prominently, you can promote yourself with banners and highlight the listings at a cost 1000% lower than offered by the average market prices.
3 - How to use the email marketing tool in favor of my business?
Email Marketing is a great tool for you to interact with your current customers, thinking about relationships and selling products.
This channel is also great for closing sales by offering what it seeks, it is possible to hit the target and make it want to be your customer.
Email marketing is a very useful tool both for you to prospect your customers and to resell for them.
To run this service, you need to form an email list. Start with your customers and also those who visit your site, include a form for people to sign up and stay informed about your business.
So, include on your site a button to collect the e-mail from those interested in receiving your news.
If you need to send emails to the fashion jewelry and accessories community, has the best listing in this industry. All e-mails are confirmed.


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